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Sapphire: This September Birthstone is Nature’s Blue Beauty

by Liz Beth |

We’ve all been caught up in the alluring sparkle of a beautiful Sapphire gemstone, and it makes sense. After all, only diamonds are more treasured than these vivid blue beauties.

Sapphire meaning has a unique personal significance for those who were born in September. That’s why September birthstone jewelry is so popular, like this teardrop Sapphire necklace. It is also a birthstone for Pisces (those born between February 19th and March 19th).  

But before we dig into the September birthstone meaning, let’s discover the properties of Sapphire that make it so unique and alluring.

Physical Properties of Sapphire

Sapphire is one of four precious gemstones, with the others being diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. This stone is very popular in engagement rings due to its association with loyalty, trust, and fidelity. It is also a traditional gift for 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries.

Sapphire Family & Color

Most of the Sapphire meaning comes from its stunning blue color. After all, According to the American Gem Society, the word "Sapphire" comes from the Greek word "sappherios" which means "blue stone."

Sapphires are part of the corundum family, which is the second-hardest mineral. It is an aluminum oxide mineral that can be transparent or opaque. The blue variety of corundum ranges from light to dark blue.

Most people know it for its rich blue color; however, Sapphire stones also exist in many other colors. In fact, they come in every color of the rainbow except red since the red variety of corundum is called Ruby. Sapphires that come in these other colors are called "fancies." 

Origins of Sapphire

Sapphire stones can be found all around the world, however, most of them are found in Kashmir, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Kashmir sets the standard for the rarest blue color of Sapphires.

Other areas that mine Sapphire include Montana in the United States, as well as Thailand, Madagascar, Cambodia, Australia, China, Brazil, and Vietnam.

Sapphire Meaning: Understanding September Birthstone Meaning

To understand Sapphire meaning and, more importantly, the September birthstone meaning, let’s look at the history and traditions of this incredible stone. It will shed light on why it is such a prized gemstone, as well as its power to help those with a September birthday.

Historical & Traditional Sapphire Meaning

Sapphires are draped in history and lore, and almost every religion dating back to the dawn of time has treasured them and looked to them for their Sapphire meaning.

In medieval times, Sapphires were used for protection, good luck, and to enhance spiritual practices. They were worn by Greeks when they would go to the Oracle at Apollo's Shrine to seek answers as it was thought that Sapphires would open their third eye and help them to understand the prophecies they received.

To the Buddhists, they were used to enhance spiritual enlightenment. Hindus used Sapphires for astrological purposes and as offerings for worship. Kings and noblemen wore them for protection and wisdom.

Christians wore them in ecclesiastical rings and the bible makes mention several times about people giving offerings of Sapphires to the Lord as a way of freeing them from harm, envy, and infidelity. It was even believed to have been used as the stone on which the Ten Commandments were carved.

The Sapphire stone is associated with the planet Saturn and the word can be translated as "dear to planet Saturn" in some languages.

Throughout history, it was used as an antidote to poison, as a pain reliever, and to help with diseases of the eyes. It was used to heal infections and to cool inflammation. Balms and ointments were often made to treat cuts and sores externally, while Sapphire elixirs were made for the internal treatment of ulcers and digestion, and to slow bleeding.

Sapphires were said to bring good luck and to deter evil and bad omens. It was known as the most powerful stone for predicting the future, and it was a favorite stone of witches.

Healing Properties of Sapphire

To this day, many of the healing properties of Sapphires still hold up. They are still thought to protect against harm, evil, and envy, and they especially protect those born in September.

It is considered to be a stone of loyalty, honesty, trust, and purity, as well as a symbol of sincerity, integrity, and romance. That’s why it is often used in engagement rings and wedding gifts.

Sapphires are considered symbols of the soul or heaven, as well as wisdom and purity. We can use them to deepen our connection with higher consciousness, to attract angels and spirit guides, and to tap into our intuition and insight. By meditating with a Sapphire, we can spark creative ideas and access our deepest intellect and wisdom.

These stones bring us clarity, harmony, peace, comfort, and joy. They also help to block negative thoughts and to protect us from psychic attack.

Physically, Sapphires support the eyes, bones, and mind. Wear September birthstone jewelry to help with dementia, stress and pain relief, and things like inflammation, fevers, and burns. Keep it with you when you want to make a speedy recovery from illness or a procedure.

Sapphire Meaning in Feng Shui

In the ancient art/science of Feng Shui, Sapphires are used to bring Water energy into a space. This element promotes calm, stillness, purification, rebirth, and a quiet strength that makes anything possible.

By placing a Sapphire stone in the North area of the Bagua map, otherwise known as the Career & Life Path area, you might find that your life and career flow with more ease. You can also wear September birthstone jewelry to assist you in being more centered and reflective.

Final Thoughts About Sapphire Meaning

As you can see, the Sapphire meaning is one that has been thriving through the ages. But not only do the history, folklore, and healing properties of Sapphire captivate us; so does its beauty.

Take a look at our September birthstone jewelry. It makes the perfect gift for anyone born in September, whether that’s your sister, your best friend, or you.


* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.