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Moonstone Meaning And Healing Properties: The June Birthstone for Intuition & Divine Feminine Power

by Liz Beth |

Those born in June have Moonstone for their birthstone. This stunning gemstone is often seen as a crystal substitute for gorgeous pearls.

It is one of the three June birthstones, along with pearl and Alexandrite.

Pearl has been long adored for its beauty. Its meaning is linked with the Moon, innocence, honesty and inner and outer beauty. 

Just like the pearl, Moonstone meaning is also associated with the Moon. This powerful crystal awakens psychic abilities and helps us harness and get in touch with our intuition.

Its healing powers contribute to our emotional wellbeing, washing way negative energies and heavy emotions that weigh us down. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what is behind the June birthstone meaning, as well as the physical properties of Moonstone, its origins, and so much more…

Physical Properties of Moonstone

Moonstone meaning symbolizes lunar power, representing depth and the flow of emotions, but also intuition.

It symbolizes wisdom, magic, psychic abilities, and divine feminine power and fertility. It is also associated with the Crown and Sacral Chakras and spiritual powers. 

Moonstone is not only a June birthstone, but also a zodiac birthstone for Gemini (those born between May 21st and June 20th) and Cancer (those born between June 21st and July 22nd).

Together with leather, Moonstone is a traditional gift given for the third wedding anniversary to keep the love flame burning bright. 

Moonstone Family & Color

Luminescent and recognizable for its resemblance to Pearl, June birthstone meaning easily captures attention.

This mystical semi-precious gemstone is a combination of Albite and Orthoclase, and it belongs to the large family of feldspars crystals. 

Moonstone meaning and its recognizable shimmer come from adularescence, and from various absolution layers, which are a different combination of alkali feldspars.

The most predominant color is the blue sheen, although the gemstone reflects various colors due to multi-layered inclusions. Pieces can vary from transparent to opaque.   

You'll be amazed at the adularescence found in my Moonstone Crystal Necklace which has a genuine rough Rainbow Moonstone as a focal.

It is recognizable for its opalescent shimmer and gentle, milky texture that radiates rainbow-like color inclusions.

Besides its raw form, Moonstone can be found as tumbled, terminated, sliced or shaped pieces, varying in size. 

One example of a beautiful faceted Moonstone shape is my Rainbow Teardrop Moonstone Necklace and it's no wonder this is one of my most popular designs.

Moonstone Value

Moonstone meaning has gained popularity due to its unique look and healing properties.

Large, natural specimens are a rarity and are extremely valuable. Although prices can vary, even smaller, authentic Moonstone pieces hold a decent value. 

Origins of Moonstone

The meaning of Moonstone is linked with the Moon in various ancient cultures.

In India, its name translates to “beloved of the Moon,” while in Ancient Greece, its name is linked with the word “Selene,” which means Moon. 

The modern etymology Moonstone meaning is linked to its appearance – the stone that resembles the Moon.

The terms “adularia” and “adularescence” that are used to describe its pearly optical phenomenon, comes from Mt. Adular in Switzerland, which is one of the early Moonstone mines. 

Roman legend says that characteristic pearl-like inclusions came from Moonlight beams, and Moonstone was believed to be a solid formation of moonlight.

Ancient Romans believed that gazing at it could reveal the face of their moon goddess, Dianna.

Another legend says that Moonstone healing properties help those who wear it see the truth, even giving an insight into the future.

A similar theme reoccurs in India, where legends and myths talk about the God of the Moon, Chandra, who wore Moonstone on his head, a stone that changes its glow and shimmer as the Moon phases progressed. 

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Today, the most magnificent pieces for June birthstone jewelry can be found in Armenia, around the Alps, Poland, Norway, India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. 

Understanding Moonstone Birthstone Meaning

To understand how significant Moonstone is, we need to appreciate its beauty, but also understand its meaning and healing properties.

Let’s discover what June birthstone meaning symbolizes….

Historical & Traditional Moonstone Meaning

Moonstone’s unique pearly sheen easily captured the attention of our ancestors. It was recognized as a powerful amulet and used for healing purposes in ancient civilizations across the globe, most prominently in Asia and Europe. 

This adularescent stone was an important part of jewelry making in ancient India, the Roman Empire, and Ancient Greece.

Interestingly, Moonstone meaning was associated with Moonbeams in all of the mentioned cultures.

It was used to enhance intuition, help the wearer connect to moon deities, and strengthen the connection with Gods.

Moonstone was also used as a protection charm, as it was believed that it has the power to reveal hidden truths and create a shield against evil.

In more modern times, June birthstone jewelry with Moonstone has regained popularity in the twentieth century.

It was the Art Nouveau artists who brought it back to the limelight, including it in art, jewelry, and décor-making of the time.  

Healing Properties of Moonstone

This mesmerizing semi-precious stone is much more than art of nature and an amulet. It is a powerful healing gemstone, and its vibration is particularly beneficial for those born in June.  

Moonstone is known to be a powerful intuition booster.

It is used to help the wearer reconnect with the spiritual realm, bringing greater awareness and enlightenment and restoring faith and hope, both in ourselves and the Universe. 

Its energy is calming, making it an incredibly soothing stone. You can accent your look and keep this soothing stone close to you with my Horizontal Rainbow Moonstone Anklet - it's very popular. 

Moonstone healing properties help bring back peace to our lives, assisting us in making healthy choices that contribute to personal balance and harmony.  

Promoting acceptance and trust in the Divine, Moonstone washes away fear, worry and stress, replacing them with confidence.

This gemstone balances the emotional body, stabilizes moods, and brings mental clarity, bridging the gap between the head and the heart. 

The Properties of moonstone do not stop with spiritual, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

This is also a potent stone for physical endurance and building strength, especially after a period of weakness.

You can always have this strengthening stone close when you have my Horizontal Rainbow Moonstone Bar Bracelet

It balances the hormonal system and refreshes energy as well.

Associated with feminine power, this is a gemstone of fertility, and it helps alleviate menstrual pain, harmonizing the menstrual cycle. 

Moonstone Meaning in Feng Shui

Associated with the power of Yin in Feng Shui, Moonstone meaning represents water and is used to balance areas that lack the water element.

Representing the Moon, placing it near the bed can help promote good sleep and banish nightmares. 

Moonstone can be kept at the entrance of the home as a protection against negative energies.

The central bottom section of the Bagua map is linked with the water element, and put there, this gemstone can enlighten one’s life purpose and soul calling, especially regarding career path.

Let’s Not Forget Pearl

Adored in Hollywood movies and by royalties, pearl has always been highly valued.

Pearl meaning is also associated with the month of June and enlightenment, as well as purity, faith, and integrity.  

Pearl healing properties bring a sense of serenity, calmness, and connectedness with nature and with the higher self.

It promotes reflection, brings clarity, and purifies our energy and thoughts.

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Pearls restore faith in goodness, promoting honesty, loyalty, and charity. 

Final Thoughts

Frequently used in self-care routines, meditation and other healing rituals, Moonstone is a blend of tradition, mystery and healing power all in one.

It opens the doors to the spiritual realm and will keep the soul peaceful for years to come.

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.