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Garnet: This January Birthstone Brings Fire And Passion

by Liz Beth |

Whether you’re looking for more strength, a spark of intensity, or just a shimmering red beauty to adorn your body, a Garnet can deliver. It's hard to find a more beautiful stone in its raw form like this Raw Garnet Necklace.  As one of the most ancient gemstones, it is prized for its beauty and healing properties.

Garnet meaning is especially significant for those who were born in January, making January birthstone jewelry a popular way to enjoy its allure. It is also a birthstone for Aquarius (those born between January 20th and February 18th).

We’re going to dig into the January birthstone meaning, but first let’s look at the properties of Garnet that make it so special.

Physical Properties of Garnet 

Garnet represents the primordial fire, the creation of all things; therefore, it is thought to bring out the light of fire within us, opening us up to the fire of creativity. Throughout time, it has been used in engagement rings because of its association with love and fidelity. It is also a traditional gift for 2nd wedding anniversary.  Whether you're looking for a gift to celebrate an important anniversary or an impromptu moment, my January Birthstone Collection is full of ideas for any occasion.

Garnet Family & Color

While most people think of a deep burgundy color when they think of Garnet, this stone actually comes in many colors and one must be careful in making a purchase because it also comes even various different lab-created formulas. Identifying Garnets is complex, and there have even been new blends of Garnets discovered in the past 50 years.

There aren’t any pure Garnets found in nature. Instead, each garnet is a blend of various types of Garnet stones. The most popular type of Garnet is Almandine Garnet, which is composed of iron aluminum silicate and has become the deep reddish-brown color we associate with Garnets. 

Each different type of Garnet has its own Garnet meaning, which is derived from its color and structure.  

Garnet Value

The value of a Garnet ranges quite considerably and is dependent on its carat weight, color, cut, and clarity. The purer the color, the higher the value, and lighter reds are less valuable than deeper reds.

Origins of Garnet

The name "Garnet" comes from the Latin name, "Granatum," which means "pomegranate" since it resembles pomegranate seeds

The main producers of Garnet are the USA, Australia, India, and China.

Garnet Meaning: Understanding January Birthstone Meaning

To understand Garnet meaning and, more importantly, the January birthstone meaning, we look to the history and traditions of this amazing stone.

Historical & Traditional Garnet Meaning

The history and lore of Garnets is rich and far-reaching, with evidence of its use throughout time and all over the world. It has certainly been treasured for its beauty and its Garnet meaning.

It was used during the Bronze Age in burial jewelry and in signet rings to proclaim royalty. If you're inspired by the look of gilded things, this Gold Dipped Raw Garnet Necklace would be perfect for you.  Garnet was used in Europe during the Middle Ages to bring about truth, inspire faith, and promote consistency. It was also thought to serve as protection from poisoning.  

Garnet was considered a Warrior's Stone and it was used as a talisman during the Crusades. The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons used it in war as sword fittings and jewelry because it was thought to assist their fight.

The Native American Indians, South American Indians, Aztecs, African tribes, and Mayans considered Garnet to be a highly sacred stone.

There is also evidence that Garnets were used in Egypt over 5000 years ago, in Sumeria as far back as 2100 B.C., in Sweden as early as 1000-2000 B.C., and in Ancient Greece and Rome. Garnet was also one of the 12 stones on the Breastplate of the High Priest

Healing Properties of Garnet

The healing properties of Garnet have been honored through the ages and have found their way into our modern lives. They are still thought to provide strength, passion, and protection, and this is especially true for those born in January.

Garnet grounds spiritual energy into the body and brings balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of the self. It is an uplifting stone and has been said to dispel feelings of depression and melancholy.

This is a stone that energizes and revitalizes the body, mind, and spirit. It inspires courage and hope, and it can increase our willpower and inner strength. It balances, strengthens, and protects us on all levels. Physically, it protects us from wounds and accidents. It provides psychic protection, and it repels negative energy.

Garnet is one of the most important gemstones for relationships and marriage. It is associated with eternal love and passion, helping to improve and balance our sexual health and promoting warmth, devotion, and trust. If you’re looking for a stone to re-spark the passion in your relationship, this is it, and one of my favorites is this Teardrop Garnet Necklace.

Physically, Garnet promotes healthy circulation. It reduces toxins and purifies the blood and organs. It also helps the body absorb nutrients from our food. And it balances the root chakra and cleanses the chakras.

Garnet Meaning in Feng Shui

In the ancient science of Feng Shui, Garnets are used to bring Fire energy into a space. This is the element that is associated with warmth, passion, enthusiasm, and illumination. It sparks ideas, inspires us to act, and brings in sexual, creative energy.  

By placing a Garnet stone in the South area of the Baqua Map, otherwise known as the Fame & Reputation area, you can enhance your status in your family and the world. By wearing January birthstone jewelry, you can feel more alive and motivated.

Final Thoughts About Garnet Meaning

Garnet meaning has inspired us throughout time and it’s no wonder it continues to be one of the most treasured gemstones. Whether you’re looking at its folklore, history, healing properties, or its stunning beauty, Garnet is still captivating us to this day.

* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.