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How To Use Essential Oil Jewelry

by Liz Beth |

Benefits Galore

Diffusing essential oils can work wonders for your overall health and mood but using a diffuser is often limited to use in a home or office. Carrying around a bulky essential oil diffuser is inconvenient and can increase the risk of damage. Luckily, there is essential oil jewelry, commonly referred to as diffuser jewelry, to diffuse oils whenever and wherever you go.

Placing diluted oil on the skin can be therapeutic for some but the oil can evaporate quickly and does not last near as long as oil does on essential oil jewelry. Diffuser jewelry is also a great alternative for those who are hesitant or unable to place oils directly on the skin. With essential oil jewelry, you can be immersed with your favorite oil for hours without any hassle!

How it works

Many of my necklace and bracelet designs incorporate lava stones which are ideal for diffusing essential oils. The porous nature of the lava absorbs and holds essential oils while naturally diffusing them throughout the day. Here’s how to add your favorite essential oils your diffuser jewelry:

  • place the necklace or bracelet on a flat surface
  • add a drop or two of your favorite undiluted essential oil directly onto the lava stone
  • let it soak in completely for a minute or two
  • once absorbed place your jewelry on your neck or wrist
  • inhale the goodness for up to 6-8 hours
  • if the lava stone still has oil residue on the surface after soaking for a few minutes, wipe excess with a tissue to avoid staining clothes with oil.

Another way to use my essential oil jewelry is through my new tassel earrings! They are a fun and colorful way of diffusing oils all day long. Tassel earrings work in a very similar way as the lava stone jewelry. Here’s how to add essential oils to your favorite tassel earrings:

  • distribute a drop or two of undiluted essential oil directly on the cotton tassels
  • let the oil soak in for a few minutes before wearing

 The multiple layers of cotton absorb and trap oil to naturally diffuse essential oils for hours.

Why Liz.Beth Essential Oil Jewelry

Using essential oil jewelry is such a convenient way to enjoy the seemingly endless benefits of essential oils, but the pieces are often bulky and unflattering. My designs embody delicate and dainty femininity, following the current minimal trend. My bracelets and necklaces are beautiful on their own but are versatile in that they can also be worn in a stack or layered with other jewelry.  By shopping my website you'll be able to find tasteful and flattering pieces that are perfect additions to anybody’s daily jewelry essentials because of their chic and functional design!

Essential Oil Jewelry Diffuser Jewelry Use Guide by Liz.Beth Jewelry Co.