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Emerald Meaning And Uses: Savor the Auspicious Energy of This May Birthstone

by Liz Beth |

Those born in May are indeed among the luckiest as they have one of the most auspicious gemstones as their birthstone, the legendary Emerald.

It’s the crystal associated with love, harmony and abundance.  One of my favorite teardrop necklaces is my Natural Emerald Teardrop necklace.

The ancients connected the Emerald to security in love and the goddess, Venus. Its vibration attracts love, soothes the body and soul, awakens compassion, and sparks inspiration. 

It’s a high-vibration gift from nature that not only draws attention because of its beauty, but also opens the heart space. This is a crystal that can be used to promote healing and give hope to those who need it.  

Before we dive into the May birthstone Emerald meaning and uses of this invaluable stones and the benefits of its healing energy, let’s first explore its properties.


emerald meaning and uses

Physical Properties of Emerald

Emerald meaning is closely associated with the planet Venus, and it was therefore used for centuries to celebrate love and to create balance. Throughout history, this relatively rare gemstone was used to promote martial happiness and domestic peace and to strengthen loving bonds.  

Traditionally, Emerald is the May birthstone and it’s also a zodiac birthstone for Cancer (those born between June 22nd and July 23rd). It is a traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary, symbolizing loyalty, longevity, and successful love. 

Emerald Family & Color

Emerald is a beautiful beryl variety (beryllium aluminum silicate), and it’s one of only four precious gemstones on Earth. This recognizably blue-green variety of beryl is available in multiple forms and can be found as tumbled stones, terminated pieces, raw specimens, or as beads and cut gemstones. 

Uniquely green, this precious gemstone comes in a variety of shades, ranging from yellow-green and pale green, to deep, darker green. The distinct look and healing properties are linked to inclusions of chromium and/or vanadium, which determine the shade each little beauty will flaunt. 

Regardless of the tone, Emerald always has the same properties, although it is usually the darker tones and Verdant green pieces that are considered the most precious of them all.

Emerald Value

Throughout history, Emerald has always held a high value. Relatively rare and adored by many, authentic Emeralds usually have a higher price compared to other gemstones. Prices vary depending on the quality, size, origin, and the depth of color. 


emerald meaning and uses

Origins of Emerald

The distinctive Verdant green color of Emerald is what most people think of when Emerald comes to mind, and the original meaning of this precious gemstone is directly linked with it. The name Emerald originates from the Ancient Greek word “smaragdos,” which means “bright, green gemstone” or “green gem.”

According to a legend, Emerald was one of the four stones God gave to King Solomon, granting him eternal power. It was worn to help illuminate the true intentions of a lover and to reveal genuine love. 

Other legends say that holding a piece of Emerald in the mouth can deter evil, lies, and manipulation. It was believed that this method ensured that truth was spoken and true intentions were revealed. Other legends say this gemstone helped banish life-threatening diseases, like cholera. 

The oldest known Emerald mines, dating from 300 B.C., were discovered in Egypt, where it was worn by people of the highest status. Today, some of the best pieces come from Colombian Emerald mines. Beautiful pieces used for May birthstone jewelry are also found in Brazil, Zambia, and Central Asia, with known mines in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and some parts of Russia. 


Understanding Emerald Birthstone Meaning And Uses

To understand Emerald meaning and the May birthstone meaning associated with it, it’s important to appreciate the traditions and history that are linked with it…

Historical & Traditional Emerald Meaning

One of the rarest and most exquisite types of gemstones, Emerald healing properties were recognized in numerous ancient cultures, including Asia, Africa, and the Americas. 

In the Middle East, Emerald was sold at one of the oldest known markets in Babylon in 4000 B.C. In Persia, it was worn to banish diseases, cure stomachaches, and grant eye health and good general health. In India, it’s associated with the Goddess, Menasha, and it is believed that her totem was made of this gemstone.

In Egypt, Emerald meaning was associated with status and power. Queen Cleopatra regarded it as one of her favorite gemstones, and she wore it as a symbol of power and allure. In this part of the world, it was known as the “lover’s stone” and was given as a gift to foreign visitors who came to see the queen. Because of its magical properties, it was one of the burial gemstones and served to ensure eternal youth and to protect the dead in the afterlife. 

In the Americas, long before the Europeans came, Emerald was used by the Incas and Aztecs during ceremonial rituals. 

Emerald found its place among European folks as well. In Ancient Greece, Aristotle regarded it as a stone for oratory art and verbal expression. It is traditionally used as an important part of May birthstone jewelry design. 


emerald meaning and uses

Healing Properties of Emerald

Emerald healing properties were rightfully worshiped throughout history. Today, we still use it to improve our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. Emerald meaning and vibration is particularly potent for those born in May or during the sign of Cancer. 

Targeting the whole emotional being, it helps us heal from emotional pain and loss. It is one of the best gemstones for those who suffered heartbreak, helping them reconnect with the energy of love and hope once again.

By nourishing the emotional body, Emerald meaning and vibration helps us let go of victim mentality and regain emotional strength. 

This is also an incredible stone for psychic powers as it enhances intuition, opens third eye vision, and assists divination. 

Emerald meaning blends the mental and emotional part of us, connecting the head and the heart.

It’s no wonder it is regarded as a stone of wisdom and speech. It supports cognition and memory, helping to open the mind and gain greater clarity and boarder perspective.

It calms the mind and brings clarity to our speech, improving personal and creative expression.

A powerful stone for students, those who wander mentally, and overthinkers, it helps with mental discipline, assisting us in staying focused on our intentions. 

For physical health, it is still used to this day for promoting healthy eyesight and treating digestive problems.

An ancient symbol of fertility and youth, it is a great assistance during childbirth as well. Emeralds have been known to prevent infections, and can be used to maintain heart health, so it’s no coincidence they are associated with the heart chakra. 

Emerald Meaning And Uses in Feng Shui

In the old practice of Feng shui, Emerald meaning is associated with the wood element, which brings the energy of growth, abundance, and prosperity into our space.

May birthstone meaning can be used to bring in the energy of expansion, vitality and good health as well.

Placing an Emerald in the East and South East areas of the Bagua map, which are associated with family, health, prosperity & abundance can prove to be incredibly auspicious.

Because of these properties, it is well suited for the kitchen and a child’s room as well. 

Final Thoughts About Emerald Meaning

There’s a good reason Emerald has enjoyed such fame throughout our rich history on Earth.

A combination of stunning color and incredible healing properties make it one of the most versatile and valuable pieces one can wear.


* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.