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Beginner's Guide - How To Wear Layered Necklaces

by Liz Beth |

Are you ready to upgrade your jewelry game? One of the hottest trends that has emerged is layering necklaces. Layering necklaces involves taking several necklaces of varying lengths and, you guessed it, layering them to create a cohesive look. The style can elevate any casual look and turn it into a chic ensemble. Layering necklaces is a great way to showcase your individuality because each look is completely unique!

Let’s be honest, layering necklaces can be intimidating and you might not know where to even begin. So many styles, lengths, and colors can make the entire process very confusing. I am going to break down a few simple tips to turn you into a fashionista in no time! Still nervous? Don’t be - I’ll be sharing photos that you can use for inspiration and guidance.

Add Necklaces with Different Lengths

To create a stacked look, you must have multiple layers! Having three layers is the most popular look, but you can add as many as you like. Necklaces with varying lengths are crucial because if they are all the same length, they would be on top of each other. My vibe is: 14.5” choker + 16” bar necklace + 18” pendant necklace. And the best part is that Liz.Beth Jewelry Co. lets you order any custom size that you would want! Experiment with different looks to find out what works best for your style.

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Wear Low Cut Tops

The layers stand out more when they are lying directly on the skin. Normal shirts can swallow bottom layers and ruin your ideal look. Your favorite V-neck tee is the perfect top for layering! It has enough room for layering and the necklaces will add a little pizzazz to an otherwise casual outfit. If you feel uncomfortable in lower-cut shirts, try layering on top of turtlenecks.

Layered Necklaces, Personalized Charm Necklace, Layered Look, LizBeth Jewelry Co.

Don’t Be Afraid of Mixing Metals

Yellow, Rose Gold, and Silver - these are the typical options, but do not be confined to just choosing one! Mix them up to create a one-of-a-kind look that will be turning heads. Stick to two metals in one look and if you feel adventurous, combine all three!

Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver, Mixed Metals, Layered Necklace, Layering Necklaces, Stacked Necklaces, LizBeth Jewelry Co.


Mix It Up With Different Colors

Add one-, or two-colored necklaces to really make your layered look pop. Crystal and gemstone jewelry are a hot trend right now and they are a great way to add some color. My style is adding an Amethyst bar necklace because of the range of purples that is eye-catching. Other colorful gemstones are Rose Quartz, Citrine, Peridot, and iridescent Rainbow Moonstone. The options are limitless!

Gemstone Necklace, Colorful Gemstones, Layered Look, Stacked Jewelry, Layered Necklace, LizBeth Jewelry Co.


Buy Pre-made Layered Necklaces

Buying multiple necklaces for a few looks can be tough on your wallet. Save cash by purchasing pre-made layering pieces! These are necklaces that have two separate necklaces with varying lengths that create a seamless look. They are also great if you are having trouble coordinating pieces, pre-made pieces already come in a matching set!  

 Layered Rose Quartz, Layered Look, Pearl Necklace, Layered Pearl Necklace, LizBeth Jewelry Co.


 Add Different Textures and Shapes

Another way to stand out from the crowd is by adding textured stones like Raw Aquamarine or a Raw Amethyst Cluster. Playing with different shapes are also important, I like to combine a colorful crystal bar necklace, circle charm piece and a drop pendant to shake things up.


Layered Aquamarine, Hand-Stamped Pendant, Layered Necklace with Pendant, LizBeth Jewelry Co. 

 Personalize Your Necklaces To Be Unique

Shy away from the ordinary in order to have pieces that are exclusive to you. Add an initial charm to a necklace that represents your name or the initial of a loved one! You can also personalize your stack by wearing a necklace that is made up of your birthstone.

Aquamarine Crystal Necklace, Pearl and Aquamarine, Freshwater Pearl, Wire-wrapped Aquamarine, Layered Necklace, LizBeth Jewelry Co.


Congratulations, you are officially a layering pro! Remember that layering is an art form but don’t take it too seriously. Experiment with different pieces, take risks and find what works for you. Gather pin-spiration and create a board with these photos to keep your fashion game fresh!

Happy Layering!


How To Wear Layered Necklaces