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Aquamarine: Release Your Inner Mermaid With This March Birthstone

by Liz Beth |

If you’re born in March, you are blessed with one of nature’s most soothing and serene birthstones. Known throughout the ages as a stone of the sea and heaven, much of Aquamarine meaning comes from its tropical ocean-blue colors, making for some of the most stunning March birthstone jewelry. It is also a birthstone for Scorpio (those born between October 23rd and November 21st).

This is a crystal that can spark new levels of learning, assist with perseverance, and promote happiness. It has long been used to deter a fear of water, and with one glimpse, anyone can feel its tranquility.

Before we plunge into the depths of this March birthstone meaning, let’s first learn about the properties of Aquamarine and how it originated.

Physical Properties of Aquamarine

Aquamarine meaning is evident when we consider its ability to soothe and calm us, bring more harmony into our lives, and provide us with a way to wear March birthstone jewelry. 

Even before it was considered a traditional gift for the 19th wedding anniversary, it was used to celebrate engagements and marriages as it was thought to embody the properties of fidelity and commitment.  One of my most popular gift items is my Aquamarine Faceted Teardrop necklace - it's just beautiful and simple.

Aquamarine Family & Color

Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family, and it has a hexagonal crystal structure. Its color pulls us in with its varying shades that range from pale blue to blueish-green. Its beautiful color comes from iron oxide inclusions contained within it. It is typically transparent, although some pieces are slightly translucent.

Origins of Aquamarine

To understand Aquamarine meaning, we must look to its origins. The name “Aquamarine” comes from the Latin words, “Aqua Marines,” which means “water of the sea.” It was named this because of its resemblance to tropical aqua waters.

This pale blue beauty is mostly found in Brazil, Afghanistan, China, Burma, Kenya, Madagascar, and along the Mozambique Geological Belt in Africa. 

Understanding Aquamarine Birthstone Meaning

To further understand Aquamarine meaning and the March birthstone meaning associated with it, let’s now look at the history and folklore that surrounds it…

Historical & Traditional Aquamarine Meaning

This alluring stone is an ancient talisman that was cherished and used by the Ancient Romans for many purposes. The Aquamarine meaning that we know today stems from the legends and traditions of that time. 

Being that it was always associated so heavily with water, Aquamarine was thought to have cleansing abilities; therefore, it was used to cleanse drinking water. Ancient Roman Physicians also used it in treating patients who struggled with overeating and digestive issues since it was thought to detoxify and assist with digestion. This is also why goblets were made out of Aquamarine.  Given the Roman's affinity for Gold, I'm sure they'd love my Gold Dipped Raw Blue Aquamarine necklace which features a delicate Aquamarine crystal dipped in 24k gold.

It was thought to bring safety to those who were traveling by water, and that’s why sailors would often have it with them to protect them from drowning. It was associated with the apostle, St. Thomas, who often traveled by sea when preaching the gospel.

The iron oxide in this stone is an important aspect of Aquamarine meaning as it gives it a magnetic power that is drawn to the moon. This is why it was always thought to become more powerful during the full moon. Just as the moon affects water, so it was thought to affect this water stone.

But the symbolism of water doesn’t stop there for this March birthstone. It was also said to be the “treasure of the mermaids” and it was thought to bring rain when it was needed most.

Aquamarine stones were used on the shoulders of the High Priest of the Second Temple, and they were engraved with six of the tribes of Israel.

Healing Properties of Aquamarine

Many of the Aquamarine healing properties that we know today stem from the historical Aquamarine meaning. It is still a stone that is largely associated with water and the properties of water.

Aquamarine is a calming, soothing, and cleansing stone. It helps us to let go of what isn’t serving us and learn to go with the flow. It teaches us to stop fighting against the current and to instead allow ourselves to simply float down the stream of life. Therefore, it helps us to embrace a new level of trust in ourselves and the universe.

Aquamarine healing properties are gentle, subtly guiding us to take the route of compassion, harmony, and compromise. In this way, it can be useful to wear March birthstone jewelry when we are going into negotiations or when we might be led into a confrontation. It can help us reduce judgements, achieve better communication, and seek balanced order.  An easy way to keep Aquamarine worn is with my 24k Gold Dipped Raw Aquamarine Stud Earrings which feature amazing Aquamarine crystals dipped in 24k gold and mounted on gold-filled stud posts.

As its visual appeal reminds us of reflections on the water’s surface, it is thought to be a mirror into the soul, helping us to access hidden meanings and new perspectives as we explore our inner light and our dark side.

Aquamarine meaning also comes from its association with the throat chakra, making it a great companion for teachers, presenters, and speakers. This is because it helps us articulate our thoughts, feelings, truth, and wisdom, and it assists us in overcoming a fear of speaking.

There are also many physical healing properties of Aquamarine, including its ability to support all ailments relating to the throat, eyes, and thyroid gland. It is a cooling stone that is useful for allergies, a cough, a cold, a sore throat, laryngitis, and anything relating to the sinuses.

Aquamarine Meaning in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that can bring more balance into our lives. In this school of thought, Aquamarine is used to introduce Water energy into a space. This is the element that is associated with stillness, purification, rebirth, and gentle strength. It yields yet it powerful. 

By placing an Aquamarine stone in the North area of the Bagua map, otherwise known as the Career & Life Path area, we can balance that area of our lives and help it to flow with more ease. This stone can also be used in areas where we reflect, relax, or pray.

Final Thoughts About Aquamarine Meaning

Whether you get to enjoy this March birthstone meaning because you have a birthday in March or if you simply feel drawn to this incredible stone, the healing properties of Aquamarine will support you either way. Aquamarine meaning is one of the most tranquil of all stones, and we can all use more of that in these stressful times.

Browse my March birthstone jewelry! It makes a wonderful gift for a loved one, a friend, or even yourself. 


* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.