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Amethyst: Bask in the Serenity of This February Birthstone

by Liz Beth |

Those who were born in February are blessed to have one of the most adored birthstones, one that brings us the energy of serenity, spirituality, and protection. Somehow, it manages to stimulate and soothe the mind, emotions, and the body all at once.

We’re talking about Amethyst, a semi-precious stone that is not only stunning but also carries a high frequency and has the ability to reduce negative energy from its surroundings.

Amethyst meaning is especially significant for those who were born in February, and one of the most celebrated ways of enjoying this splendid crystal is by wearing February birthstone jewelry. It is also a birthstone for Pisces (those born between February 19th and March 20th).

Before we take a deep dive into its February birthstone meaning, let’s first look at the properties of Amethyst that make it so phenomenal.

Physical Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst meaning comes from its ability to serve as a spiritual protection talisman, a meditation tool, and a way to wear February birthstone jewelry. Throughout time, it has been used in engagement rings because of its association with fidelity. It is also a traditional gift for the 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries.

Amethyst Family & Color

Amethyst is in the Quartz family, and it can be purchased in many forms, including geodes, clusters, single point terminations, tumbled stones, polished gemstones, and beads. I sell many different shapes of Amethyst stone, and among the cut and polished designs my Amethyst Vertical Bar Necklace is one of the most popular.   It comes in all sizes with the smallest geodes being as small as an inch and the world’s largest Amethyst geode measuring over 10 feet tall.

Ranging in color from pale lavender to deep violet, Amethyst gets its beautiful purple color from inclusions of Manganese and Iron and much of the Amethyst meaning comes from that color. It can be transparent or opaque. 

Each different type of Amethyst has its own Amethyst meaning, which is derived from its color and inclusions. Some of the different types of Amethyst include Ametrine, Chevron Amethyst, Rutilated Amethyst, and Brandberg Amethyst.  

Amethyst Value

These days, Amethyst is readily available as more and more Amethyst mines have been found, making it relatively inexpensive. Amethyst value is determined based on where it is found, its depth of color, and oftentimes its clarity. If you’re buying geodes or larger specimens, then overall size and termination size play a role as well.   Check out my Raw Amethyst Necklace which truly highlights the beautiful colors and form of this amazing gemstone and is a great value.

Origins of Amethyst

To fully understand Amethyst meaning, we much first understand where the name "Amethyst" came from. It derived from the Greek word, "amethystos," which means " not intoxicated." 

It comes from an ancient legend about the wine God, Bacchus, who set out to avenge an insult by setting his tigers on the first person he saw, which happened to be a beautiful woman named Amethyst. 

As the tigers leapt toward her, she called upon the goddess Diana for protection, who saved her by turning her into a clear crystal. Bacchus came to regret his plan and poured his wine over the stone as an offering, turning it purple.

The main producers of Amethyst today are Brazil and Uruguay, although I have a source of beautiful Amethyst that is in Mali and he frequently sends me the most beautiful specimens.

Understanding Amethyst Birthstone Meaning

To understand Amethyst meaning and the February birthstone meaning associated with it, we must look back upon its history and traditions…

Historical & Traditional Amethyst Meaning

There is perhaps no other stone as adored and treasured as the Amethyst has been by the testimonies of our ancient ancestors through the modern healers of today. Amethyst meaning definitely springs from a rich history full of legends, folklore, and traditions.

In ancient times, before large deposits of Amethyst Geodes were discovered in Brazil and Uruguay, the Amethyst was considered a precious stone and was prized alongside the diamond.

Throughout history, it was used to decorate wine goblets as it was thought to prevent drunkenness and overindulgence. It was also worn at the navel for a sobering effect. Catholic Bishops wore it in their rings to overcome spiritual intoxication.

It was known as a Bishop's Stone and it signified ecclesiastical dignity. The Hebrews used it as the ninth stone in the breastplate of the High Priest. It was considered the 12th foundation stone of New Jerusalem.

Egyptians carved Amethysts into hearts and wore them as amulets during burial ceremonies and during temple offerings. They were also used quite frequently in rosaries and prayer beads. Among all the pendant shapes that I sell, my Amethyst Teardrop Necklace is a big hit.  The deep purple hues and multi-faceted shape of the stone truly highlight the beauty of Amethyst.

As a protection stone, travelers wore Amethyst to protect them from attack. Soldiers wore it to keep them from harm and to ensure victory. As a royal stone, it was used as protection from infection and disease, and as a psychic stone of protection, it was used to deter black magic and witchcraft.

Healing Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst healing properties have not lost their meaning through the years. To this day, they are still thought to curb overindulgence and to provide protection, and this is especially true for those born in February.

It can have a sobering effect in any area of our lives, assisting us with addictions to smoking, alcohol, drugs, sex, overspending, and gambling.

But what’s especially cherished about this gorgeous gemstone now is its ability to bring peace and serenity into our stressful lives. It settles the mind, preparing us for deeper states of meditation and relaxation.

If you or any of your loved ones suffer from OCD, hyperactivity, nightmares, insomnia, or chronic stress and anxiety, Amethyst can provide some much-needed support. It also works to dissolve anger, making it a useful tool for easing heated debates and arguments.

As a third eye and crown chakra stone, it ignites our intuition and helps us to access spiritual guidance. It brings us wisdom and understanding, as well as creativity, passion, imagination, new ideas, and greater focus.

Amethyst cleanses the aura, protects us from psychic attack ,and transmutes negative energy into love. It is one of the crystals most used for healing practices and it brings comfort during times of grieving.

Another aspect of Amethyst meaning is its ability to improve relationships over the long haul. It helps to strengthen the union between partners, setting the stage for deeper connection and loyalty.

There are also many physical healing properties of Amethyst, including its ability to support the nervous system, digestive system, heart, skin, and immune system. It aims to oxygenate the blood and to ease arthritis, tinnitus, and headaches.  A perfect way to keep Amethyst close by is with one of my Heishi beaded bracelets with faceted Amethyst beads - take a look at my Faceted Amethyst Bar Bracelet!

Amethyst Meaning in Feng Shui

In the ancient practice of Feng Shui, Amethyst is used to introduce Fire energy into a space. This element is associated with warmth, passion, enthusiasm, and illumination. It sparks new ideas, inspires us to act, and promotes creative energy. 

By placing an Amethyst stone in the South area of the Bagua map, otherwise known as the Fame & Reputation area, you can enhance your status in your family and the world. By wearing February birthstone jewelry, you can help yourself to feel more alive and motivated.

Final Thoughts About Amethyst Meaning

Whether it’s a precious stone or a semi-precious stone, it makes no difference. Amethyst meaning has lasted throughout the ages and the healing properties of Amethyst have stood the test of time. You certainly can’t go wrong with an Amethyst, no matter when your birthday falls.

Browse my February birthstone collection to find the perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or anyone born in February.


* Crystals and stones should not be used as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.